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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Feature Quick Linker

When developing a model structure on a diagram, you can either create connectors by clicking on a Toolbox icon and dragging the cursor between two elements, or by using the Quick Linker arrow to generate both a connector of an appropriate type and a target element.

If a connector is to have source and target roles, you can connect one or both of the ends of the connector to an operation, attribute or Reception in the source or target element to indicate which specific features are significant in the relationship. You can create the connector first and then configure it (as described in the Connect to Element Feature Help topic) or you can use a facility similar to the Quick Linker to generate an appropriate connector between the source element or feature and the target element or feature.


In order to display and use the Feature Quick Linker, you must first:

  • Create or open the diagram in which to generate the feature connectors
  • Create the appropriate elements and features
  • Display the Properties window for the diagram, expand the 'Connectors' segment and select the 'Show Feature Linker' checkbox

Connect Features

In the appropriate element on the diagram, click on and highlight the required source feature. The Feature Quick Linker icon displays against that feature.

Click on the icon and drag the cursor across to either the element to link the feature to, or the feature within the element for a feature-to-feature link. When you release the left mouse button, a short menu displays listing the types of relationship that are appropriate for the link. Click on the required relationship type.

The diagram now shows the connector between the two elements, with the end or ends that specify a feature having a square bracket and anchor point, as illustrated here:

If appropriate, you can continue to create relationships between features of the same pair of elements or those elements and other elements.

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