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Model Reports Panel

The 'Model Reports' panel provides a set of tools for extracting information from the model for output in a variety of useful formats, including DOCX, PDF and HTML.

Part of the Publish ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Available Facilities



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Report Builder

Click on this icon to access a short menu of documentation options:

  • Generate Documentation - generate a document from the content of the model; generate rtf, pdf or docx format, from built-in or customized templates
  • Simple Diagram Report - generate a 'Diagram Only' report on the current Package - the 'Export Diagrams to RTF Document' dialog displays, on which you specify the file location, diagram file format and certain other parameters, to capture images of all diagrams in the current Package
  • Open a Document File - open an existing document file in RTF or DOCX format, for manual editing
  • Create a New Document File - create a new document for manual editing and export it in RTF or DOCX format
Diagrams Only Report Editing Documents and Templates Generate Document Reports

Customer Document

Click on this icon to start to generate a custom linked document, which can contain any of a range of document objects from the model, each formatted with their own document templates.

Creating Custom Documents


Click on this icon to manage, create and modify the templates used in generating documents in RTF, PDF or DOCX format.

Document Templates

Preview Mode

Click on this icon to display an image of the document as it would appear when printed.

File Control


Click on this icon to select from two options for publishing documents on the web:

  • Standard HTML Report - publish a document to an internal or internet website as static web pages, in standard HTML
  • Publish to Joomla! - generate an HTML document to a Joomla! database, for internet distribution
Publish Joomla! Article Web Reports

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