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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Element Copy/Paste Submenu

The element 'Copy/Paste' context menu provides a range of options for copying or moving elements between Packages or between models, within the Browser window.


Context Menu

Browser Window > Project | Right-click on element | Copy/Paste

Browser Window > Context | Right-click on element | Copy/Paste




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Copy to Clipboard

Select this option to copy the selected element and any sub-structure to the clipboard. You select one of two sub options:

  • ID for Pasting as Link - copy the element ID to the clipboard to be pasted into a diagram as link to the actual element (Shortcut: Ctrl+C)
  • Full Structure for Duplication - copy the element(s) to the clipboard in XMI format, for pasting as new duplicate elements in another Package (Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+C)


Select this option to remove the selected element from its parent Package, to be pasted under another element or Package. The selected element remains where it is until the Paste operation is invoked.

Shortcut: Ctrl+X

Move Elements Between Packages Copy Elements Between Packages


Select this option to paste a cut element under the selected element or Package. If the selected element is not a valid target, the 'Paste' option is grayed out.

(This option is not available for copied elements - use the 'Paste Package from Clipboard' menu option in the Package context menu.)

Shortcut: Ctrl+V

Copy Documentation Bookmark

When using the Legacy Report Generator, if you want to create a complex document that consists of sections of one or more document reports, rather than one complete report, you can create a master document in Microsoft WordTM and within it create links to the report sections using their bookmarks.

Select this menu option to copy the bookmark to the clipboard, to be pasted into a search or other reference to the bookmark.

Document Bookmarks

Paste Diagram

Select this option to paste an existing diagram as a child of the selected element.

The diagram would have been copied to the clipboard by right-clicking on the diagram in the Browser window and selecting the 'Copy Diagram' menu option.

Copy (Duplicate) or Move Diagram

Copy Node Path to Clipboard

Select this option to copy the element's node path (hierarchy structure) to the Enterprise Architect clipboard, as a reference.

Copy Node GUID to Clipboard

Select this option to copy the element's node GUID to the Enterprise Architect clipboard, as a reference.

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