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Create a Project in an MS Access 2007 Database

Setting up a project in a Microsoft Access 2007 repository typically involves the conversion of an existing .EAP or .EAPX file, which can be achieved in two different ways:

  • You have a working copy of MS Access 2007 itself, in which case you can convert your existing .EAP/.EAPX project directly to an MS Access 2007 (.ACCDB) file, or
  • The existing repository can be transferred into an empty MS Access 2007 database

In either case, before you convert or transfer your existing project, you should perform a project integrity check on the source model to ensure that is 'clean' and free from data related errors.


  • The 'Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider' ODBC driver is installed

1. Perform a Project Integrity Check

While this step is optional, Sparx Systems do recommend that it is performed.



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Using Enterprise Architect, open the source project .EAP/.EAPX file.

File Based Projects


Select the 'Configure > Model > Integrity > Project Integrity' ribbon option.

Check Project Data Integrity


Ensure that in the 'Action' panel 'Report Only' is selected, and that all checkboxes in the 'Checks to Run' panel are selected, then click on

the Go button.


If Enterprise Architect detects that the existing model contains integrity issues, they will be listed in the main panel at the bottom of the dialog. These issues should be resolved before continuing with the project transfer.

2a. Convert source project with MS Access 2007



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Open MS Access 2007 and load the source .EAP/.EAPX file within this product.

Allow Access to convert the source project to a .ACCDB file. Once this process is complete your project will be an MS Access 2007 repository.

2b. Transfer source project to an empty .ACCDB file



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Open Enterprise Architect.

(If the 'Open Project' dialog displays, click on the Cancel button to open with no project loaded.)


Select the 'Configure > Model > Transfer > Project Transfer' ribbon option.

The 'Project Transfer' dialog displays.


In the 'Transfer Type' panel, select 'File to DBMS'.


In the 'Source Project' field, type the name of the .EAP/.EAPX file to copy to the repository.

If the .EAP file has Replication enabled, this must be removed before performing the transfer.

Remove Replication


At the right of the 'Target Project' field, click on the Browse. button.

The 'Datalink Properties' dialog displays.


Select 'Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine OLE DB Provider' from the list.

Click on the Next button.


Obtain an empty MS Access 2007 base project from the Sparx Systems DBMS Based Repositories web page, and rename the file to suit the intended purpose.


On the 'Data Source Details' page of the 'Datalink Properties' dialog, type in the full path to the Access 2007 .ACCDB file.

Click on the OK button to return to the 'Project Transfer' dialog.


If required, select the 'Logfile' checkbox and type a path and filename for the data transfer log file.


Click on the Transfer button to begin the data transfer process.

When the process is complete, you will have created your project in an Access 2007 database and can open it directly from Enterprise Architect, browsing for the .ACCDB file location in the 'Open Project' dialog.

Managing Connections to Projects

3. Set up the ODBC DSN



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Create a suitable ODBC Data Source to point to your new database.

Managing Connections to Projects


  • Connecting to DBMS based Repositories is available in the Enterprise Architect Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions
  • If you do not have Access 2007, you can download the Access Database Engine from the Microsoft downloads site
  • Ensure that the collation is set to the alphabet you use, such as Latin or Cyrillic

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