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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Display Panel

The 'Display' panel provides a range of options that make it possible to tailor the appearance of the Specification Manager view, to better display the information you want to examine. There are options providing visual cues, such as highlighting the selected element and using bold fonts to emphasize element names, as well as options to filter the list of elements that is displayed.

Part of the Specification Manager ribbon in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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Notes Format

Click on the drop-down arrow, to a display a brief menu of commands for customizing the visibility and style of displayed element notes:

  • Preview - show the Notes in Preview mode; this limits the Notes displayed to a maximum size and uses the Notes window for editing
  • Full Notes Inlined - show the complete Notes text for each element underneath the element name; in this mode you can create, edit and delete Notes text in the Specification Manager and perform the same operations as are available in the Notes window context menu
  • Full Notes in Column - show the complete Notes text for each element in a new column next to the element names; you have the same freedom to edit the text as for 'Full Notes Inline'
  • Document View - columns are hidden and Notes are displayed inline; use the Enter key as a keyboard shortcut to begin editing.
  • Hide - show no Notes at all; to edit or view the Notes, open the Properties window or docked Notes window
Appearance Options

Level Numbering

Clicking the drop-down arrow displays options for applying level numbering and indenting notes for elements contained within the current Package.

  • Enable - toggle the display of automatically applied level numbering within the Specification Manager and the Browser window, for elements within the currently displayed Package
  • Indent Description - if you have enabled level numbering, this option is available to indent the element description under each element name, to align with the element name
Package Options

Show Columns

The Specification Manager can display a wide range of properties for the elements in the selected Specification Package, with each property being shown in a separate column. This command opens the 'Field Chooser' dialog, allowing you to customize the display of the columns so that you show as many or as few as you need, in an appropriate sequence.

Customize Columns

Tagged Value Column

Display the 'Add Tag Value Column' dialog. This dialog allows you to add a specific Tagged Value to the list of columns displayed by the Specification Manager. If the current element already has the named Tagged Value, the value can be edited, otherwise the Tagged Value must first be added to that element.

Customize Columns

Bold Names

Use this option to turn on or off, the use of Bold element names in the Specification Manager view.

When on, all element names, including the names of child elements, are displayed using bold font.

Appearance Options

Collapsible Regions

Use this option to enable the use of Expansion boxes on parent elements.

If an element has child elements, you can configure the Specification Manager to either:

  • Hide the child elements but provide an expansion box that you can click on to open and collapse the element hierarchy (select the 'Collapsible Regions' option), or
  • Automatically display the child elements indented underneath the parent element (deselect the 'Collapsible Regions' option)
Appearance Options

Highlight Selection

Use this option to actively highlight the currently selected row. When you click on an element name or property, the Specification Manager defaults to indicating the selection with side bars and/or underlines. You can, if you prefer, also highlight the entire row of data for the element, by selecting the 'Highlight Selected Row' option. This is only relevant when columns are visible.

Appearance Options

Filter Bar

Use this option to show or hide the Filter Bar, which allows filtering of the visible items in the Specification Manager view.

The Filter Bar displays underneath the column headings and consists of a row of fields, one field per column. As you type a value into one of these filter fields, element rows in the Specification Manager list are hidden unless the value in the corresponding column contains the value in the filter field.

Customize Columns

Element Icon

This option defaults to selected, to display an element icon in front of each element name in the Specification Manager. The icon is a pictorial representation of the element type, and matches the element type icon shown against the element in the Browser window. Deselect the checkbox to hide the element icons.

Add New Button

This option defaults to selected, to display the Add New button and its associated drop-down menu at the bottom of the Specification Manager display. Deselect the option to hide the button.

Adding Elements

Font Size

Across the Specification Manager view, the various display components such as parent element names, child element names, Notes/property values and column headings each have their own font size. You can select to increase or decrease the font sizes as a set across the display, relative to the current sizes.

Specify the default font size based on preference:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
Appearance Options

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