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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Create and Visualize Enterprise Architecture Models, Views and Viewpoints

The MDG Technology for ArchiMate®3.1 is one of the Enterprise Architecture tools integrated with Enterprise Architect.

ArchiMate® is an open-standard enterprise architecture language managed by The Open Group, based on the IEEE 1471 standard. It is "a visual language with a set of default iconography for describing, analyzing, and communicating many concerns of Enterprise Architectures as they change over time." It is used by a variety of modelers and stakeholders; Enterprise Architects will create and maintain models but a range of other stakeholders will view the models and representations of them. These include Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Executives and Business line managers, just to mention a few. The language is used to represent elements from all layers and aspects of an organization, from Drivers and stakeholders to Devices and Networks.

Overview of Topics

The table below lists the main topics that describe the implementation of the ArchiMate language in Enterprise Architect. The architect will learn how to start modeling with ArchiMate and will be introduced to the features available within the tool to create expressive and powerful diagrams and views with ArchiMate. Further topics will describe the creation of Views and Viewpoints and how to create diagrams that contain elements and relationships and will detail all these concepts. Later topics discuss the migration from earlier versions of the language to the latest version and also how to exchange models.

Brief Introduction

This topic provides an introduction to ArchiMate in Enterprise Architect and discusses its relevance and importance in creating and maintaining Enterprise Architecture models.

Getting Started

This topic provides the information needed to immediately start modeling with ArchiMate, including the ArchiMate perspective and the Model Wizard patterns.

Using ArchiMate

This topic covers the basic tool features to create Packages, diagrams and elements, including showing how existing and new elements can be added to diagrams.

Views and Viewpoints

This topic describes the archimate views and viewpoints giving examples of each viewpoint available for immediate creation from the model wizard pattern tool.

ArchiMate Language

This topic describes the ArchiMate Language, including the language definitions, structure and metamodel, and the concepts, divided into elements and relationships.

Customising the Language

This topic describes the principles and mechanisms for extending the language to add industry- or organization-specific information in the form of properties, to both elements and connectors.

Exchanging Models

This topic describes the exchange of ArchiMate models created in Enterprise Architect with other tools, enabling models to be both imported and exported using the xml-based exchange format.

Version Migration

This topic describes how to upgrade models containing elements, relationships and diagrams from one version of ArchiMate to a later version.