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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Create Gap Elements

Create a Gap Element to Model an Identified Gap

  1. Right-click on the cell and select the 'Create Gap Element' option. The 'Browse Project' dialog displays.
  2. Select the Package in which to create the Gap element and click on the OK button. A Gap element is created in the selected Package and its 'Properties' dialog displays; enter the element name and other required properties.
  3. Select the 'Tagged Values' tab of the 'Properties' dialog and set the Tagged Values listed under 'Gap Element Tagged Values'.
  4. Click on the OK button. The name and category of the Gap element displays in the selected matrix cell.

Gap Element Tagged Values

If you intend to use a Gap element that is already available in the model, right-click on the appropriate cell in the 'Missing / Eliminated' column or 'New' row and select the 'Link to Existing Gap Element' option. The 'Select Classifier' dialog displays, from which you select the existing Gap element.

Once you have created a Gap element, you can right-click on its cell and select from these context menu options:

  • 'Edit Gap Element' to open the 'Properties' dialog of the Gap element and edit its properties
  • 'Locate in Project Browser' to find and highlight the Gap element in the Browser window
  • 'Remove Gap Element Link' to delete the link to the element in that cell (the element still exists in its parent Package)
  • 'Delete Gap Element' to delete the element from the model; this action cannot be undone

Tagged Value



The unique identifier for the architecture object.


The owner of the architecture object.


The location/source from which the information is collected.


The categorization of the Gap. This can have any one of the values:

  • Intentionally eliminated
  • Unintentionally eliminated
  • New – To be produced or developed
  • To be enhanced

RefBaseline Architecture

The name of the Baseline Architecture artifact that is linked to the Gap element. If the Gap is to point to a missing element, this tag has the value of the Baseline artifact that is missing.

RefTarget Architecture

The name of the Target Architecture artifact that is linked to the Gap element. If the Gap points to a new artifact that is required for the Target Architecture, this tag has the value of the new Target artifact.

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