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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Simple Parametric Simulation (Legacy)

This functionality has been superceded by Parametric Simulation from Enterprise Architect Release 13.0 onwards.

This topic is retained for the use of those who are maintaining existing models using the pre-13.0 functionality.

You use the scripting function of Enterprise Architect to simulate a SysML model from a Parametric diagram, using the 'Simulation Configuration' dialog. This is limited when compared to the OpenModelica-based or Simulink-based simulation, because the behavior of each Constraint Block is represented by a script that calculates outputs from a known set of inputs instead of solving for the unknowns dynamically.


Context Menu

On Parametric diagram | Right-click | SysML | Simulate Diagram

Simulate a SysML model



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The 'Parameters' panel lists all of the parameters that can be assigned input.

Select each of the required parameters and click on the right Arrow button to assign them as input.

Parameters designated as input parameters are listed in the 'Inputs' panel on the right.

There must be at least one input parameter assigned for the simulation to execute.


Assign a set of values for each of the designated input parameters.

For each input parameter, in the 'Input Values' panel select one of the two possible value kinds:

  • Discrete - To enter a constant or a comma-separated range of discrete values
  • Range - To enter a range of values beginning at the 'From' value and ending at the 'To' value; the input values are incremented by the 'Step' value


Specify the classes of output value:

  • 'Parameters' - To output the parameters' data, select the checkbox
  • 'Variables' - To output the data generated within each internal variable, select the checkbox; internal variables are automatically generated by the Simulator


Specify how the simulation results are to be reported.

The 'Output Format' panel enables you to choose how the simulation outputs the simulation data:

  • Plot To Graph: To plot the results on a 2-dimensional graph, select the checkbox; if you select this option, you must specify an input parameter for the plot's X Axis
  • Title - To enter a title for the graph, type in the title text
  • Output to File - To output the results to a CSV text file, select the checkbox and type or browse (click on Browse.) for the file name


Click on the OK button to execute the simulation.


  • Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Parametric Model Simulation is available in the Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect

Learn more

  • In the EAExample Model, see:
         -  Example Model > Systems Engineering > SysML Example > Requirements Model > Constraint
            Blocks > «constraintBlock» EchoDSP > EchoDSP