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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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The Inspector Window

The Inspector window provides the facility of examining the details of an individual element, whether held in the current model or in an external data source.

Generally the window has a 'Details' tab listing all the features and characteristics of the element, appropriate to the element type. The categories of features and characteristics are listed even if they do not contain items.

The window also has a 'Trace' tab, which is an instance of the Traceability window for viewing and navigating the dependencies and connections of the currently selected element. The 'Trace' tab has the appearance, facilities and content of the Traceability window, and updates in synchrony with the window.

Similarly, the window has a Summary tab that has the appearance, facilities and content of the Summary window, and updates in synchrony with that window.

If you are working with an external data source in a Cloud-connected model, the Inspector window has another tab - 'External' - that shows the characteristics and features of the selected external data item. In this case, if a category does not contain any items it is not shown in the list.

Inspector Window Toolbar

The Inspector window toolbar provides three icons that enable you to display the full details of a selected item.



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Select an item and click on this icon to open the appropriate dialog or window and - where appropriate - tab to display the properties of that item. For example, if you had selected an Operation, Attribute or Reception, this icon would display the Features window at the appropriate tab for that item.

Create and Manage Attributes Define Properties of Operations The Features Window

Select an item and click on this icon to make the item the focus of the docked Properties window.

Properties Window

Help icon.

Click on this icon to display this Inspector window Help topic.

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