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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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External Item Details

When an external item is selected in the External Data window, the item's details are retrieved and displayed in an 'External' tab of the Inspector window, and in External versions of the appropriate Properties, Notes and Collaboration windows.

Inspector Window

The 'External' tab of the Inspector window displays only when you are reviewing external items. It behaves in much the same way as the 'Details' tab of the Inspector window, revealing the external element's relationships, features, requirements, Tagged Values, project maintenance items and related files. However, the 'External' tab shows only categories for which items exist, and does not list all the possible but empty categories.


Click on an external item in the list to view its properties in the 'External' version of the Properties window. This window shows all available properties of the external item, as defined by the external provider.

Properties that will be used when creating a linked local element are shown in the top group 'Mapped Properties', while all other properties are grouped in 'Other Properties'. The property mapping can be configured, as described in the Configuration Help topic.


The external item's 'Notes' or 'Description' text is shown in the 'External' version of the Notes window.

Note that not all external providers have 'Notes' or 'Description' fields.

This version of the Notes window has a different toolbar, containing icons to:

  • Toggle the editing lock on the notes
  • Synchronize the notes in the Enterprise Architect view and the external source
  • Push the edited note text to the external source
  • Display the online Enterprise Architect User Guide


Select an external item from the list to view and participate in its discussions in the 'External' tab of the Collaboration window. The 'External' tab resembles the 'Discuss' tab and behaves in the same way.

New discussions can be posted by double-clicking on the Create new External Discussion text, or by right-clicking in the tab and selecting the 'Create New External Discussion' menu option.


  • To post an external discussion the Integration Provider must be configured to allow this on the Pro Cloud Server (allowed by default)
  • Not all external providers have discussions or comments

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