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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Copy Packages Between Projects

It is possible to copy and move individual Packages between projects by exporting and importing the Packages as XML files. You can also duplicate larger structures, such as complete models or projects. This gives you a high level of flexibility in building a project from re-usable parts and from elements produced in widely-dispersed geographic regions.



Publish > Model Exchange > Export XML > Export XML for Current Package

Publish > Model Exchange > Import XML > Import Package from XML

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Alt+E (export to XML)

Ctrl+Alt+I (import from XML)

Copy a Package from one Enterprise Architect project to another



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Open the project to copy from.


In the Browser window, click on the Package to copy and use your preferred Export access method to open the 'Export Package to XML' dialog.


Select the appropriate options and filename.

Export to XML


Click on the Export button to begin the export process.


When the export is complete, open the project to copy into.


In the Browser window, navigate to the location to import the Package into.


Click on the target Package and use your preferred Import access method to open the 'Import Package from XML' dialog.


Select the appropriate options and filename.

Import from XML


Click on the Import button.

The Package is copied from the source project to the destination project.


  • If the Package you are importing already exists in the target project (that is, it has been imported previously), you must either import over the existing Package or select the 'Strip GUIDs' option; in the latter case, the system creates a copy of the original Package

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