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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Testing Report

As you develop the testing environment for your model, you create and execute test scripts for the elements in the model. To help you track the status and results of running the scripts, you can generate a Testing report on a Package selected from the Browser window. This report can deal with just the selected Package, or the complete hierarchy of the Package. You can also report on scripts for specific types of test, or for all types of test.



Construct > Testing > Outcomes > Report

Generate a Testing Report



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Root Package

Displays the selected Package name.

If you want to run the report on a different Package, close the 'Generate Test Documentation' dialog, select the replacement Package in the Browser window, and open the dialog again.

Report on

Deselect the checkbox against each type of test to omit from the report. All checkboxes default to selected.

Include Child Packages

Leave the checkbox selected to report on tests on elements in the subordinate Packages.

Deselect the checkbox to report just on the root Package.

Output file

Type in or browse for the file name and path into which to generate the Testing report.


Click on this button to generate the report.

A message displays when the report has been generated. You can then open the file in your preferred file viewer.


  • In your file viewer settings, set the page layout to 'Landscape' to display the columns of the report clearly
  • The Testing report provides a detailed description of how each test executed, what the input and acceptance criteria were, and what the results were; the Testing Details report is an alternative option, showing a summary of the test status and who ran and checked the test

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