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Create a MySQL Repository

Creating a MySQL database is fully documented in the product information provided with your MySQL installer.

There are many ways to create a new MySQL database. A common method is to use an SQL-based Management Console such as MySQL Workbench, which provides a convenient graphical user interface for the creation of databases, the execution of scripts, and backups and restores.  However, the exact method used is not important to this discussion, and you can use the most convenient or familiar method at your disposal.

Having created your MySQL database, use the SQL script provided by Sparx Systems to create the required table definitions for Enterprise Architect. The EASchema_1220_MySQL.sql script is freely available on the DBMS Based Repositories page on the Sparx Systems website.


  • Ensure that the collation is set to the alphabet you use, such as Latin or Cyrillic
  • MySQL has a setting (max_allowed_packet) that sets a limit on the amount data that can be returned by the database server. To avoid issues in the future this value needs to be larger that the largest record in your repository.  How large will the largest record be?  We can't advise that, it depends on how you use Enterprise Architect.  Typically the largest elements items like embedded documents and images, baselines of large packages etc.  It is not unusual for customers to require a max_allowed_packet of 128M and in some environments even larger than that.

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