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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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SysPhS Simulation

The SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation specification (SysPhS), is an Object Management Group (OMG) specification that extends SysML to provide a common modeling platform for defining consistent models. These models can be translated out to either of two key simulation platforms, Modelica and MATLAB's Simulink/Simscape.

The OMG SysPhS stereotypes help you to define the characteristics of the model simulation within the model itself, rather than in a simulation configuration specification. They provide greater visibility of the type of object or property in the Browser window and Properties window, and in the diagram with specific element compartments for the Property types and for initial values.

The standard is represented in Enterprise Architect by the OMG SysPhS Profile, along with:

  • SysPhS Libraries of elements for signal flow and for physical interaction (necessary to perform simulations under the SysPhS standard)
  • A dedicated Toolbox page
  • A wide range of component element patterns from which to generate common simulation elements such as electronic, logic, and fluid components; the patterns reference the library Blocks in either the OpenModelica or Simulink standard libraries
  • Features for Simulating plots using Modelica or MATLAB's Simulink, Simscape and Stateflow.

SysPhS Features



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Referencing SysPhS Libraries

Key resources for working with SysPhS are the SysPhS Simulation Libraries, which include reusable resources that you must reference within your model.

Referencing the SysPhS Simulation Libraries

SysPhS Toolbox

The SysPhS pages of the Diagram Toolbox contain basic SysML elements for both OpenModelica and MATLAB Simulink.

Using the SysPhS Toolbox

SysPhS Patterns

The SysPhS Patterns provide pre-defined SysPhS Blocks that reference equivalent MATLAB and Modelica components. These simple Blocks can be used as starters when working with SysPhS models.

Using the SysPhS Patterns

SysPhs Components

SysPhS components enable you to set references to both Modelica and Simulink components.

Working with SysPhS Components


You can define IBD or Parametric models with additional information to drive a simulation, then use the simulation configuration to generate the model in Modelica, Simulink or Simscape, to produce a graph of the results.


SysPhS Examples

There are several examples of using SysPhS for setting up simulations.

SysPhS Simulation Examples

Updating SysMLSim for SysPhys

You can update older simulation configurations (pre Enterprise Architect 15.2), to reflect the use of the SysPhS standard.

Updating the SysMLSim Configuration


Extra options for variables and constants, such as isContinuous and isConserved, are automatically set as Tagged Values, again avoiding the need to define them in the configuration specification. These options are also visible on the Block itself and in the docked Properties window.


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