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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Clone Element as New Version

Cloned elements are the core of the Time Aware modeling capability. When a clone is made, a new element is added to the 'To-Be' model and a trace relationship is added that connects the new element back to its 'protege' in the 'As-Is' model. This allows details to be added to the cloned element leaving the 'As-Is' element in its original state. Creating clone elements helps maintain seamless development between the 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' model, ensuring changes are well defined, encapsulated and traceable.

Creating a clone of the linked elements on a diagram is a simple migration process driven by version number. The element migration process builds a clone of your selected element and updates it with a user defined version number. In addition to duplicating their base version, the necessary relationships between the clone and the original are created to ensure the logical consistency and traceability of the new model. When cloning an element as a new version, Enterprise Architect intelligently determines where to route the new element's relationships to correctly reflect the intent of the new model version.

Where a relationship exists to another model element in a previous version, the model is examined to see if there is a new version of the target element first and, if so, that element is now used as the target of the relationship. If there is no over-ride, the relationship is set to the existing element. This behavior is extremely useful when studying the impact of making changes to elements in base versions that are expected to remain unchanged throughout multiple versions of a model's lifecycle.

Cloning an Element

The image demonstrates the process of Cloning an Element as a New Version. Note that Diagram Filtering is being used to highlight elements where 'Version' contains '2.0'


On a 'To-Be' clone diagram containing an external element (an element held in a different Package) to be cloned, click on the element.


Design > Element > Manage > Clone Element as New Version

Context Menu

On a diagram, right-click on element | Clone Element as New Version

Create a new clone element



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On the 'New version number' dialog, the 'Enter Value' field defaults to the version number of the current diagram as the version number to apply to the clone element. You would tend to use this number but, if necessary, you can overtype it with a different one.


Click on the OK button. The external element becomes a clone in the diagram's parent Package, with the specified version number.


Select a linked element on the 'To-Be' diagram clone.

Time Aware Modeling: Cloning an element as a new version in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Select the 'Design > Element > Manage > Clone Element as New Version' ribbon option.

Alternatively the option can be found in the diagram context menu.

Time Aware Modeling: Cloning an element as a new version in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Finish with the new 'To-Be' element.

Time Aware Modeling: Cloning an element as a new version in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Update linked diagram objects

When an element has been updated to the current version, update diagrams might still contain linked diagram object references to the old version of that element. If you want to make one of these diagram objects the same version as the updated element:

  1. Right-click on the object linked to the old version and
  2. Select the 'Update Element to Version '%s' option from the element context menu

This will update the old linked diagram object with the new version of the diagram object.


  • The clone element will be created in the same Package as the current diagram
  • When cloning an element, all parent and child elements will also be cloned to maintain element hierarchy
  • The 'Clone Element as New Version' menu option is not available for elements contained in the diagram's parent Package
  • Package, Note, Text and Boundary diagram elements are excluded from this feature
  • The clone element will maintain relationship links with previous version elements
  • A Trace relationship link is created between the clone and the source element
  • Use the 'Filter to Version' option in the diagram 'Properties' dialog to filter elements by version on the diagram

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