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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Operation Constraints

Constraints define the contractual behavior of an operation, what must be true before they are called (pre-conditions) and what is true after they are called (post-conditions). In this respect they are related to the State model of a Class and can also relate to the guard conditions that apply to a transition. You can define both pre- and post- conditions for an operation.


Before displaying the 'Properties' dialog, click on the required operation in a diagram or the Browser window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

(From the diagram) Enter > Pre   or    Post

(From the Browser window) Enter | Properties > Pre   or    Post

Define Constraints

The fields and options on the 'Pre' and 'Post' tabs of the Properties window are identical. Click on the appropriate tab to define the conditions prior to and following on from the operation behavior.



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Type in the name or effect of the condition.


Click on the drop-down arrow and click on the appropriate condition type.


Type in any further explanation or description that is necessary for the condition.


Click on this button to clear the fields to define another condition.


Click on this button to save the new or updated condition and to add the changes to the 'Pre-Condition' or 'Post-Condition' list.

This button also clears the data fields so that you can create another condition.


Lists the pre-conditions or post-conditions that have been defined for this operation.

Click on an item in this list to re-populate the dialog fields with the details, to edit or delete the condition.


Click on an item in the 'Pre-Condition' or 'Post-Condition' list and click on this button to delete that condition from the operation.