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XML Transformation Toolbox

The XML Transformation Toolbox page provides elements for modeling and executing the transformation of an input document into XML or other document formats under the control of an XSL Stylesheet. You can model and execute the transformation on an XML Transform diagram.

XML Transformation Toolbox page



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XML File generates a File Artifact element, through which you identify the location of the input file to be transformed.

XSLT generates a File Artifact element, through which you identify the XSLT Stylesheet to apply to the transformation.

XSD generates a File Artifact that identifies the schema against which the output of the transformation (as directed in the Output Artifact element) is validated. The results of the validation are written to the 'XSL' tab of the System Output window.

XML Transform generates a stereotyped Activity that performs the transformation.

Output Artifact generates a File Artifact element, through which you specify the location of the output file generated by the transformation, on the 'Files' property page of the element. Output from the transformation will be written to this file.

The elements can be connected to each other using Trace connectors.

Create File Artifacts Trace


  • To add an element to the currently-open diagram, click on the appropriate icon and drag it into position on the diagram; set an element name and other properties as prompted
  • To add a relationship, click on the appropriate icon, then click on the start element in the diagram and drag to the end element

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