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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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The Construct View

The Construct View is an aid to Project Management, helping you to quickly review the resources and maintenance items of the elements in any Package (including a View, but not a Root node) or its diagrams in the model.  You can filter the view to show resources, or a single category or all categories of Maintenance item; that is:

  • Features
  • Changes
  • Issues
  • Defects
  • Tasks and/or
  • Documents

You can also manipulate what data to show for each item, using the 'Field Chooser' dialog and the Filter Bar. (See the List Header Help topic.)

As you select individual items in the View, they become the focus of various Enterprise Architect windows such as the Notes window, 'Details' tab of the Inspector window, and the Properties window.



Select an open diagram in the Browser window or right click on the diagram background, then Design > Diagram > View as > Construct View

Context Menu

In the 'Project' tab of the Browser window, right-click on the View or Package | Open Package in | Construct View

In a diagram, right-click on the diagram background | Switch View | Switch to Construct View


Right-click on the diagram tab for the diagram | Switch to Construct View

Context Menu Facilities

To select and display the information in the Construct View, you select options on the View's context menu. Right-click anywhere on the View display.



See also

Load Resources

Select this option to display the status and activity details of the resources assigned to each element in the Package or on the diagram. This option is mutually exclusive with 'Load Maintenance'.

Resource Allocation

Load Maintenance

Select this option to display the details of either all Maintenance items on the elements in the Package or diagram, or all those of a particular type - Features, Changes, Defects, Issues, Tasks or Documents.  This option is mutually exclusive with 'Load Resources'.



Select this option to update the display after changes have been made, to ensure that they are reflected in the data fields for every view, dialog and window as well as the Construct View.

Clear Window

Select this option to remove all data from the window.

Collapse All / Expand All

The display initially shows the data in an expanded hierarchy of elements, child elements and maintenance items or resources. Select the 'Collapse All' option to show just the top-level elements with no data, and select the 'Expand All' option to reveal the full hierarchy again.

Display as flat list

Select this option to display only those elements that have resources or maintenance items, with those items. The elements are listed in alphabetical order at the same level, regardless of where they occur in the model hierarchy.

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