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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Project Tools Window

The Project Tools window shows the records of these quantities associated with an element contained in the model:

  • Decision - a choice made on a requirement of the element
  • Event - an action taken on a requirement of the element
  • Issue - a failure of the element to meet a requirement
  • Task - an item of work on the element assigned to a resource to meet a requirement
  • Effort - effort expended in work on the element
  • Risks - risk associated with the element
  • Metrics - metrics measured for an element

A separate tab of the Project Tools window or - for Issues and Tasks - report list displays for each of these quantities.



Construct > Project Management and as required, one of:

  • > Events | Show Events Window
  • > Decisions | Show Decisions Window
  • > Issues-Tasks | Project Tasks
  • > Issues-Tasks | Project Issues
  • > Effort
  • > Risks
  • > Metrics

Keyboard Shortcuts

Click on the required Project item on a diagram or on the 'Details' tab of the Inspector window, then press Shift+Enter

Context Menu Options

You can add or delete individual items in any of the tabs of the Project Tools window, using the window context menu options.



See also

Add New

Create a new Decision/Event item, using the '<type> details for <element type> <element name>' dialog, in the same way as you create Maintenance items.

Create a new Risk/Metric/Effort item, using the '<type>' dialog.

Resource Allocation Effort Management Risk Management Metrics

Modify Selected

Update the selected Decision/Event item, using the '<type> details for <element type> <element name>' dialog.

Update the selected Risk/Metric/Effort item, using the '<type>' dialog.

Create as New Element

Create a new element based on the Project Decision/Event item, in the same way as you generate elements from Maintenance items.

Create Elements From Maintenance Item

Print List

Print the list of items.


Delete the selected item from the list.


  • Click on an element in the Browser window to switch to the project management items for that element in the Project Tools window
  • Columns in the item list can be reorganized, added, removed, grouped, filtered and sorted using the options provided in the List Header facilities
  • Right-click on the list to view the context menu, which you can use to also add and delete items in the window
  • You can move Decision and Event items between elements; see the Move Decisions/Events Between Elements Help topic

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