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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Why Enterprise Architect?

Welcome to Enterprise Architect, the ultimate collaborative platform for modeling, visualizing, constructing and managing Enterprise, Business, Engineering and Technology solutions. Harness the power of this leading tool to simplify the way you work, unify interdisciplinary teams, create models that perform work, leverage and reuse assets across programs and projects, and much more.

Key Benefits

These are just some of the benefits that Enterprise Architect can bring to your Enterprise, team and projects:

  • Work together with teams from anywhere in the world using a range of devices such as laptops and smart phones, working through the phases of solution development with visibility for both business and technical audiences
  • Integrate with a rich landscape of external tools to unify teams and enterprises, resulting in fantastic productivity gains
  • Create models and solutions at lightning speed
  • Work under the umbrella of support for a wide range of standards and specifications
  • Unify the work of business and technical teams
  • Enjoy the flexibility, extensibility and configurability of Enterprise Architect to meet your specific needs
  • Accessible using the Enterprise Architect thick client software or by using the Cloud Server and WebEA from any device with a browser

For further details, see the Key Benefits Help topic.

Key Functional Areas

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive strategy, requirements, analysis, design, construction, testing and management tool that addresses all aspects of enterprise, business, systems and software modeling. It is a scalable, multi-user, visual platform with a rich feature set.

Enterprise Architect combines the power of UML and derivative modeling languages such as BPMN and SysML, with a high performance, intuitive interface, to bring an integrated and advanced toolset to the whole development team.

Enterprise Architect also includes detailed support for architectural frameworks such as TOGAF, UAF/UPDM, ArchiMate, Zachman Framework and others, providing seamless modeling and design capabilities.

For a breakdown of the functional areas of Enterprise Architect and the facilities they provide, see the Key Functional Areas Help topic.

Key Usages

For over twenty years, Enterprise Architect has been the tool of choice for a wide range of project types and work areas, supporting most job roles and functions within those areas. Enterprise Architect is ideal for:

  • Strategic Modeling
  • Requirements Development and Management
  • Business Process Modeling and Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Systems Engineering and Database Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Testing and Debugging
  • And much more

For further information on the usage of Enterprise Architect, see the Key Usages Help topic.

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