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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Getting Started

Welcome to Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect, a desktop tool with a 20+ year proven track record of helping people and teams explore, develop and implement their personal or corporate vision. Enterprise Architect is a tool that is used to:

  • Create rich and expressive business, systems and software models
  • Model and work with "As-Is" and "To-Be" models
  • Manage and track requirements
  • Model with many industry standard languages such as UML, SysML and ArchiMate
  • Model with many industry frameworks such as TOGAF, Zachman, UPDM, UAF
  • Model with custom purpose built modeling languages for a domain
  • Collaborate with colleagues, teams and customers
  • Unite teams spread across multiple geographic locations
  • Publish models in standard document formats or for the web
  • Share content with other tools in standard industry formats
  • Simulate business and systems processes
  • Visualize, inspect and document complex software systems
  • Engineer compelling visualizations
  • Provide direction, information and certainty
  • Generate a common understanding to both business and technical stakeholders.

Getting started with Enterprise Architect is easy. As your modeling practice becomes more advanced, it will have the power and rigor to support more advanced modeling, including working with multi-disciplinary teams and developing strategic, business, software, engineering, and database models.

This getting started section introduces you to everything you need to know to become productive with the tool and covers the essential features that you will use to deliver demonstrable value to your enterprise or project stakeholders.


The only prerequisite for getting started is selecting a folder in your file system for your repository and a mind full of ideas and concepts that you want to model and some enthusiasm for sharing your ideas with others through the rich collaboration features built into the tool.