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Enterprise Architect has a built-in tool for creating estimates of project effort and cost using Use Cases and Actors, based on Karner's 'Use Case Points Method'. The Use Cases and Actors are assigned a complexity and then user-defined environment and technical complexity factors are applied, with weightings to calculate the effort and cost. A metrics report can be created and included in a project's documentation.

Use case metrics report in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

This section lists the main tools available in Enterprise Architect that can be used to apply this business analysis technique. There is also a wide range of additional tools that a modeler might find suitable when applying the technique in a particular context. The complete list of tools is available from the Help topic Guide to Business Analysis Tools.

Use Case Estimation

Use Case Estimation can be used to calculate the required effort to complete an initiative or part of an initiative. Environmental and Technical complexity factors can be defined and given weights and values that determine how they influence the effort that is calculated for an initiative.

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