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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Controlled Package Menu

If you are working on a Package that is not under Version Control, you can select certain options on the 'Controlled Package' context menu.

(Further options are available from the 'Model Exchange' panel of the Publish ribbon, and for a Package that is directly under Version Control you use the 'Version Control' panel of the Settings ribbon.)


Context Menu

Browser window > Right-click on Package > Package Control

Package Control Options



See also

Lock Package

Select this option to apply a lock on the selected Package.

(This option is only displayed when user security is enabled in User/Group locking mode.)

Lock Packages Under User/Group Locking

Apply/Release User Lock

Select this option to apply or release a user lock on the selected Package.

(This option is only displayed when user security is enabled in 'Require User Lock to Edit' locking mode)

Lock Objects Under Require User Lock to Edit

Set Visibility Level

This menu item is only available in a model that has been set up for Visibility Levels, and when it is being accessed via a Pro Cloud server connection. It is primarily used by System Administrators to manage user access to Packages within the model.

You use this option to set a Visibility Level on a Package, which applies to the Package and its child structures. The Visibility Level has a matching user access level set in User Security. A user with a given access level can only see, access and update Packages with the equivalent Visibility Level or lower.

Select from the list of values, which start at 0 (no restriction on access) and can go up to 5 (for Packages requiring high security of access). You will only be able to set Visibility Levels at or below the access level to which you have been assigned.

To remove a Visibility Level from a Package (and all its children), simply set the Visibility Level back to zero. Any user can then view and update the Package (within the limitations of any user security controls on their access to functions).

Import a Model Branch

Select this option to retrieve a model branch and import it into either the source model or another model.

Import Controlled Model Branch

Version Control Settings

Select this option to display the 'Version Control Settings' dialog.

Version Control Settings

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