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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Project Constants

As you develop your report, you can incorporate flags that represent project-wide terms and values. The flags - or Project Constants - are replaced with the actual text during document compilation. Using this facility, you can use a particular text string or number extensively throughout your project documentation, whilst maintaining the value in a single location. You define Project Constants on the 'Generate Documentation' dialog; they are then available to be inserted into all custom document report templates in the text, section headers, end-notes, page headers or page footers, using the 'Document Template Designer' context menu.



Publish > Model Reports > Report Builder > Generate Documentation > Project Constants

Keyboard Shortcuts

F8 | Project Constants

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Manage Project Constants



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Click on this button to add a new Project Constant to the list.

A prompt displays for the name and value; type these in and click on the OK button.


Click on this button to remove the selected Project Constant from the list.

A prompt displays to confirm the deletion; click on the OK button to complete the task..


Click on this button to import a set of fields from an external XML file.

A browser displays to select the source file and location.


Click on this button to export all fields to an external XML file.

A browser displays to specify the target file and location.