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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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DMN Simulation Toolbar

The DMN Simulation window has a toolbar providing functions to prepare for the simulation, and the 'Simulate' tab of the window has a toolbar to execute the simulation.



Simulate > Decision Analysis > DMN > Open DMN Simulation > Simulate tab


Double-click on a DMNSimConfiguration element

Toolbar Options



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Displays the 'Select DMN elements Package' browser, which you use to set the Package for the DMNSimConfiguration Artifact to operate on. All DMN elements under this Package and its sub-Packages will be loaded.

Saves the information specified in the DMN Simulation window to the DMNSimConfiguration element, including the:

  • Target Decision
  • Selected Dataset for each dependent InputData

Reloads the DMN elements from the configured Packages. For example, when any DMN elements are modified, this command should be run to reload the Package so that the changes will be taken into account for the next DMN Simulation.

Validates all the dependent DMN elements based on the target Decision. The results of the validation are displayed on the 'DMN Simulation Validation' tab of the System Output window.

Note: A Decision, BusinessKnowledgeModel, InputData or ItemDefinition element that is not on the target Decision hierarchy will not be considered. For example, if you have some unfinished Decision elements in the Package, that have no relationship to the target Decision, they will not impact the simulation.

Decision Table Validation

Click on the drop-down arrow and, from the list, select a target Decision for the simulation.

Simulation options



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Click on this button to execute the Decision hierarchy in order. The results will be represented by text overlays on the diagram, and shown in the 'Values' column of the DMN Simulation window.

Click on this button to step through the Decision hierarchy in order. One click will evaluate one decision element. With this feature, you will be able to see the decision-making process; the decision logic and runtime values will be displayed clearly in the DMN Expression window.

Click on this button to stop the simulation.

Click on this button to export the InputData elements' DataSets to a BPMN 2.0 DataObject. This appends the InputData 'name = value' records to the DataObject.Notes. The drop-down options include:

  • Export All Inputs to the BPMN DataObject
  • Export Selected Inputs to the BPMN DataObject
  • Export Runtime Results to a CSV Report

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