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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Solver Consoles

The Solver Console is an easily-accessed and simple-to-use editor. It is primarily for managing MATLAB and Octave Solvers, providing simple and quick access to test functions supported in these external applications. The Solver Console can be used for creating, checking and maintaining calls used in simulations, as well as in scripts written using JavaScript.



Simulate > Console > Solvers > MATLAB

Simulate > Console > Solvers > Octave

Solver Initialization

The chosen Solver is set automatically to one of these:


  • var matlab = new Solver("matlab");


  •   var octave = new Solver("octave");

If the background Octave or MATLAB is accessible, the Console will prompt with the starting detail and be ready to accept any input.


The Console accepts single line JavaScript commands that will be executed one at a time. Enter new commands in the bottom text-entry section and press the Enter key to execute the command.

A command line interface for Javascript consoles

The executed command will be added to the main output panel, with any output from the command.

The Solvers can then be accessed using the Solver Class functions; for example:


  • matlab.set('<variable_name>', <value>)
  • matlab.get('<variable_name>')
  • matlab.exec(<function>, <parameters>)


  • octave.set('<variable_name>', <value>)
  • octave.get('<variable_name>')
  • octave.exec(<function>, <parameters>)

For more details see the Octave Solver and the MATLAB Solver Help topics.

Previous commands that have been entered can be re-used by pressing the Up Arrow key or Down Arrow key.


To output the value of a variable or a function you can use:

  • ? <variable_name>
  • ? <function>


This illustration shows some examples of using the Octave Solver's Set, Get and Exec, as well as the output using ?, in the Octave Console:

The Octave plot is the generated output of the two ocatave.exec() statements.

Console Commands

Console commands are preceded by the ! character and instruct the Console to perform an action. The Console commands include:

  • !clear - clears the Console display
  • !save - saves the Console display to a file
  • !help - prints a list of commands
  • !close - closes the Console
  • !include <scriptname> - executes the named script item; scriptname is of the format GroupName.ScriptName (spaces are allowed in names)
  • ? -  lists commands (same as !help)
  • ? <variable or function> - outputs the value

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