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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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DBMS Product Conversion for a Package

Using the DBMS Package mapper, you can automatically convert a Package of database Tables from one supported DBMS type to another supported DBMS type. You can also change the DBMS type for individual Tables.

If one of the DBMS types is non-standard or otherwise not supported by Enterprise Architect, you should check that the mapping of datatypes from one DBMS type to the other has been defined.



Design > Package > Manage > DBMS Options

Develop > Data Modeling > Database Builder > Right-click on the required database | Load | right-click on the root node | Manage DBMS Options

Map the DBMS data types of a Package to the data types of another DBMS



See also

Include Objects in Child Packages

If there are objects in child Packages that also require changing, select the checkbox.

Change DBMS

Select the checkbox.

Current DBMS

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the current DBMS.


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the target DBMS.


Click on this button to map all Tables in the selected Packages to the new DBMS.

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