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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Useful Enterprise Architect Tools in Threat Modeling

Enterprise Architect provides a wealth of tools for designing, developing, documenting and testing processes and systems. Most of these tools can be applied in creating and analyzing Threat models, but the tools identified in the next table are of particular value in this domain.

Tools in Threat Modeling



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Traceability Window

The Traceability window automatically displays the relationships that exist between a selected element and other model elements, including up-process and down-process elements. The traceability tree view can be conveniently expanded to show deeper relationships, and is invaluable for revealing the effects of an element on others not immediately linked to it.

The Traceability Window

Relationship Matrix

The Relationship Matrix provides a spreadsheet view of the relationships between two groups of elements. It can be a used as an analysis mechanism to visually indicate how elements are related and to discover which elements are missing relationships.

Relationship Matrix


The Discussions facility is a fully-featured collaboration tool, allowing modelers, model viewers and reviewers to communicate with each other about specific model objects, directly inside the repository. Modelers using the full client, or occasional viewers using WebEA, can both post and reply to discussions and communicate and engage in chat.

Model Discussions

Diagram Layout

The Diagram Layout tool allows you to automatically lay out an entire diagram, selected elements or sections of a diagram to make it easier to read and see how relationships flow between elements. There is a wide range of layout types to choose from, and some types have additional filters that can be applied.

Layout Diagrams

Pan and Zoom

The Pan and Zoom facility can be used to navigate around a large diagram; often the resolution of a diagram must be reduced to ensure it is wholly visible, but using the Pan and Zoom window allows you to leave the diagram at a readable resolution but to pan across to areas of interest, zooming in when necessary. Trust diagrams can contain many elements and relationships, so it is very useful to be able to see the whole picture yet have a clear view of how particular objects in it are interacting.

The Pan & Zoom Window

Alternative Images

Most standard elements allow an alternative image to be defined for an element, to be used in place of the graphical notation for the element either on a selected diagram or as a default on all diagrams. These images can help you represent the objects or processes under investigation more accurately and with immediate recognition.

Using the Image Manager

Document Generator

The Document Generator is a convenient Enterprise Architect facility that allows a Database Engineer or other stakeholder to create high quality corporate or technical documentation directly from the Threat model, suitable for internal or external audiences.

Document Generation Model Publishing