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Import Amazon Web Services Patterns

Before you import the 'Amazon/AWS Web Images' pattern into your model, click on the Choose perspective button. icon and select the 'Analysis > AWS Architecture' Perspective.

This automatically opens the Model Wizard (Start Page 'Create from Pattern' tab) at the AWS Architecture Perspective page.

Click on the target Package in the Browser window, then on the 'Amazon/AWS Web Images' pattern and click on the Create Model(s) button.

In the Model Wizard there are three example patterns that show typical use of the images in diagrams, reproduced from the 'AWS Architecture Icons' Powerpoint.

Patterns window showing AWS pattern for Import.

Note: When you have the Web Images packet in your model, do not copy it to another location in the model or save it as XMI; always use the Model Wizard to import the pattern into a new model. The reason for this is that the provided Diagram Toolbox patterns, described here, refer to the Image Assets by their GUIDs. Copying the Image Assets will give them new GUIDs and the Diagram Toolbox patterns will not work.