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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Compare Options

You use the 'Baseline Compare Options' dialog to refine the output of the Compare utility when it compares the current model with a Baseline.

To display the dialog, either:

  • Click on the Options button on the 'Package Baselines' dialog, or
  • Click on the 'Compare Options' icon in the 'Compare Utility' view toolbar

If the 'Compare Utility' view shows the results of a Baseline comparison, when you click on the OK button the display refreshes to refine the information according to the options you have selected.




See also

Always Expand to Differences

Always display the list of elements fully expanded to show changes.

If you deselect the checkbox, when the 'Compare Utility' view is first opened it lists the Package contents to element level, and you expand each element as required to show the changed items.

For large branches of the model, it is better to leave the checkbox unselected.

Show Elements that are

List elements that:

  • Have been changed since the Baseline was created
  • Are in the Baseline only (that is, have been deleted from the model since the Baseline was created)
  • Are in the model only (that is, have been created since the Baseline was created)
  • Have not changed since the Baseline was created (you might generally leave this checkbox unselected)

Suppress these Changes


  • Changes to diagrams
  • Changes to the 'Date Modified' field for an item
  • Changes to the 'Date Created' field for an item
  • Child items of a deleted item
  • Changes to advanced properties (defaults to selected)

Baseline Diagram Compare Option

Select the checkbox to always open the first parent Package for which there is a Baseline, when you select the diagram for comparison from the Browser window.


  • Package Baseline facilities are available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect

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