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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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When you place an element on a diagram, you can display it with a number of compartments that reveal not only the attributes and operations of the element, but also several other properties such as tags, requirements, constraints, allocated resources, discussions and reviews.

This diagram shows some of the types of compartment that you can show on an element in a diagram, as an illustration of how compartments are displayed.  For a full list of standard compartments, and information on custom compartments, see the Feature Visibility and Define Element Characteristics topics.


  • Compartments cannot be show on elements where the appearance is defined by Shape Scripts, such as elements specific to ArchiMate or BPMN
  • To set the display of each of the various compartments, see the Feature Visibility Help topic; the display of the compartments is also controlled through the diagram properties, on the 'Elements' tab - the specific element settings take precedence over the more general diagram settings
  • Elements that do not default to rectangle notation, such as Activities or Use Cases, must have the 'Appearance | Use Rectangle Notation' context menu option turned on in order to display compartments
  • Kanban diagrams do not automatically show element compartments, which contain useful and important information; however, you can use the Kanban 'Native Element Draw Style' option to show compartments on a Kanban diagram and display the information they contain

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