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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Dynamic Viewpoints Toolbox

The Dynamic Viewpoints page of the Diagram Toolbox provides a number of elements that actively refresh the interface to Enterprise Architect and the information it displays within various contexts. For example, Working Sets apply a required combination of dialogs and screens, whilst Scriptlets execute JavaScript code to update element displays and properties according to the latest changes to the model data.

Types of Dynamic ViewPoint Artifact



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Scriptlet Artifact

A Scriptlet Artifact provides access to Enterprise Architect's API to help you:

  • Update Grid style diagrams using the cell reference (A:1, A:2 and so on) through the API
  • Automate updates to dynamic properties
  • Apply visual changes to elements, name and Tagged Values
  • Validate model elements in a diagram
  • Populate a table
  • Render graph elements in a dashboard
  • Dynamically color code elements based on your rules

You can have multiple Scriptlets on a diagram and you can use the same Scriptlet on multiple diagrams.

Simply drag and drop the Scriptlet icon onto a diagram, then double-click on the element to open the Code Editor. The JavaScript code attached to the Scriptlet is run whenever the diagram is opened. You can also run the Scriptlet code manually as required.

Model View Artifact

A Model View Artifact provides the facilities for generating a tabular Model View Chart on a segment of the data in your model, extracted using a custom SQL search.

After you have added the element to your diagram, double-click on it. The element 'Properties' dialog automatically opens at the 'Chart Details - Source' tab. Define the SQL Search to extract and tabulate the information.

Once you have defined the Chart, it automatically displays with the latest information whenever you open the parent diagram.

Define a Model View Chart

Custom Table Artifact

A Custom Table Artifact generates a diagram object that displays custom data in a grid format similar to a spreadsheet, providing extra 'non-modeled' information on elements, diagrams or project management exactly where it is applicable.

Custom Table Artifact

Working Set Artifact

A Working Set Artifact defines a Working Set that opens various windows, diagrams and views, recreating a work environment that you frequently use.

  • To create or modify the Working Set, right-click on the element and select the 'Edit Working Set' option
  • To execute the Working Set to open the defined windows and views and execute any commands, double-click on the element
Working Sets

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