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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Export Controlled Model Branch

Applying Version Control to a model can result in many XMI files being placed under Version Control. It might then be hard to locate and import the file corresponding to the root of a particular model branch. Using Model Branch Files (.eab files) overcomes this problem by making it easier to export and import Package hierarchies from one model to another.

You could export a newly created model branch from your own private copy of a model so that, for example:

  • Another user can import that branch into their own private copy of the same model
  • It can be imported for inclusion as a common branch in a number of different models


Context Menu

Right-click on Package > Package Control > Export as Model Branch

Create a Model Branch File to represent a Package hierarchy stored in Version Control



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On the 'Export as Model Branch' dialog, in the 'EAB Filename' field, type a name for your Model Branch File.

Alternatively, click on the Browse. button and browse for the file location.

Note that the Package name is supplied as a default.


Click on the OK button.

A branch file is created to represent the selected Package. The branch file is committed to Version Control using the same Version Control configuration that controls the Package you selected.


  • You can specify any file name, including sub-folder names, as long as the file is contained in or below the working folder of your Version Control configuration
  • The facility is only enabled for Packages that are already under Version Control

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