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As you create and set up the elements in your Specification Package, using the Specification Manager, it is critical to:

  • Trace any existing relationships those elements have to the elements in the model that realize them, or are realized by them
  • Follow the relationships of such elements further, to check how changes to a source element or its relationships might affect other relationship chains in which the target elements are involved
  • Create new relationships, where you can do so quickly and with an immediate view of how elements as a group are connected across the model

The two most significant tools for this are the Traceability window and the Relationship Matrix.

When you display the Traceability window, you can review every relationship in which the element selected in the Specification Manager is the source or target, the details of each of the related elements, and the relationships in which each of those elements are involved.

In the context of the Specification Manager, the Relationship Matrix provides a view of the relationships between the elements within the Specification Package, or between the elements of the Specification Package and a different Package. You can also use it to quickly create many relationships between the elements, defining a simple organization within the Specification Package and defining its relationships with other Packages.



'Design > Package > Specification View > In Navigation toolbar, right-click on final Package in the Package pathway > Open Relationship Matrix > <options>

Design > Element > Trace

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+7 (display Traceability window)

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