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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Version Control Nested Packages

When you save a Package to the Version Control system, only stub information is exported for any nested Packages. This protects information in a nested Package from being inadvertently over-written by a top level Package.

Operations on Nested Packages



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Checking Out

When you check out a Package, you do not modify or delete nested Packages; only the top level Package is modified.

As a consequence of this behavior, if you check out or get a Version Controlled Package with nested Packages that are not already in your model, you see stubs in the model for the nested Packages only.

Get All Latest

If you select the 'Get All Latest' option from the Version Control menu, any new stubs are populated from the Version Control system.

Package Version Control Options

Importing Models

You can populate a large and complex model, by 'getting' only the root Packages, then using 'Get All Latest' to recursively iterate through the attached and nested Packages.

This is a practical and efficient means of managing your project and simplifies handling very large models, even in a distributed environment.

The 'Import a Model Branch' option combines the procedure steps into a single operation.

Include Other Users' Packages Import Controlled Model Branch


  • It is recommended that, when sharing a Version Controlled model, you do not mix versions of Enterprise Architect later than version 4.5 with earlier versions; if this is necessary it is best to go to the 'Version Control Settings' dialog and deselect the 'Save nested version controlled packages to stubs only' checkbox, setting Enterprise Architect to the pre-version 4.5 behavior (for the current model only)