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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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AUTOSAR Behavior Toolbox Page

The AUTOSAR Behavior Toolbox page provides the elements required to model the internal behavior of AUTOSAR components (such as Runnables and  Inter-Runnable Variables).

AUTOSAR Behavior Model Elements



AUTOSAR Artifact

Used to define an Artifact such as a .h or .c file in an AUTOSAR model.

AUTOSAR Behavior Container

Used to create a container of all behavior elements in an AUTOSAR Component. This element is based on the Enterprise Architect Structured Activity and you can use the functionality of the Composite diagram in Enterprise Architect to enable double-click navigation to the sub-diagram.

AUTOSAR Control Flow

Used to define a connector representing the flow of control from an AUTOSAR Event to an AUTOSAR Runnable.

AUTOSAR Data Element

Not used. Reserved for future extensions.

AUTOSAR Dependency

Used to create a connector representing the dependency of one model element on another.


Used to define an AUTOSAR element event; for example, a time event to start a Runnable.

AUTOSAR Inter Runnable Variable

Used to define an Inter-Runnable Variable.

AUTOSAR Object Flow

Used to create a connector between Runnables and Inter Runnable Variables or Component Ports and AUTOSAR Runnable Ports.

AUTOSAR Realization

Used to create a connector that expresses the realization of a Runnable or a Component. It is used to connect Runnables and/or Components and AUTOSAR Artifacts.

AUTOSAR Runnable

Used to define a Runnable as part of the Component Behavior.

AUTOSAR Runnable Port

Used to define a Runnable Port as an interface of a Runnable. Runnable Ports are connected by an AUTOSAR Object Flow connector to an AUTOSAR Component Port.

AUTOSAR Software Component Implementation

Used to create an element that represents a Software Component Implementation.

AUTOSAR Initialization

Used to define a connector that specifies complex data type initializations.