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Decision Table Simulation Example

The example Business Knowledge Model (BKM) described in this section is available from the Model Wizard (Ctrl+Shift+M). Select a host Package in your model, invoke the Model Wizard and - from the Perspectives drop-down menu - select 'Requirements | Decision Modeling'.

To access the example used in this section:

  • Create a pattern for 'DMN Decision | A Complete Example'
  • Navigate in the Browser window to 'A Complete Example | Business Knowledge Models'

It is also available in the Enterprise Architect Example model (EAExample):

  • Navigate in the Browser window to 'Analysis and Business Modeling > DMN Examples > A Complete Example > Business Knowledge Models'

Double-click on the 'Eligibility rules' element to open the BKM in the DMN Expression window

When a Decision Table is created for a Business Knowledge Model, we can test this BKM by binding some values:

We can provide test values such as these:

Click on the Simulation button on the tool bar to obtain this result:

  • The runtime parameter value will take the place of 'Allowed Values' in simulation mode
  • Valid rule(s) are highlighted
  • Since this Decision Table's Hit Policy is P (Priority) the final result is determined by the order of Output Values; since 'INELIGIBLE' and 'ELIGIBLE' are the output values and 'INELIGIBLE' comes ahead of 'ELIGIBLE', rule #3 will give the final result and this applicant is 'INELIGIBLE'.