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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Import a Model Pattern

Before being able to use a customized Pattern in your model, you must first import the Pattern XML file into the ModelPatterns directory in the Enterprise Architect install path; it is then available from the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window and optionally from the Toolbox.


Use one of the methods outlined here to display the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window.

Within the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window, right-click on 'Model Patterns | Import Model Pattern'.


Start > All Windows > Design > General . Browse > Resources

Explore > Portals > Windows > Explore > Resources

Keyboard Shortcuts


Import the Model Pattern




On the 'Import Model Pattern' dialog, type in or browse for the name of the XML file to import.


Select to import the file into either the model or the user APPDATA location.


Click on the OK button to import the Pattern.

The imported Pattern is placed in the appropriate category as defined in the XML file; if the category does not already exist under 'Model Patterns', a new one is created.

Patterns in MDG Technologies

A number of technologies provide their own Patterns, and some technologies are designed principally as a vehicle for making specific Patterns available to the model, such as the technology for Gang of Four Patterns. Such Patterns are provided through the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window and the Diagram Toolbox pages for the technology. If you want to use such Patterns, check that the appropriate technology has been loaded and enabled in the model.

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