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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Diagram Menu - Browser Window

The diagram context menu in the Browser window is available for all types of diagram listed on the 'Project' or 'Context' tabs. It provides options for performing a wide range of operations on one diagram or several diagrams, and for moving a diagram around the project or between projects.


Context Menu

Browser Window > Project | Right-click on Diagram

Browser Window > Context | Right-click on Diagram




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Select this option to access two sets of options:

  • Scripts - a list of scripts created using the Scripting facility, to be executed on diagrams; click on a script name to execute it (this option is not shown if no appropriate scripts have been created)
  • Extensions - a list of the enabled technologies on the system, each of which provides options for performing technology-specific operations on the diagram; these options are available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect
Script Group Properties Extensions - MDG Technologies


Select this option to display a short menu of options to exchange electronic notes on the selected diagram with team colleagues, in the form of Reviews, Discussions and, if User Security is enabled, Chats and Model Mail messages, as well as the option to monitor Discussions on the diagram.

Model Reviews Model Discussions Model Chat Create a Message


This option provides access to the Properties window for the diagram.

Properties Window for Diagrams


Select this option to open the diagram in the Diagram View. (You can also double-click on the diagram name in the Browser window.)

Lock Diagram

Select this option to display the 'Lock Diagram' dialog, on which you can set, change and release the editing lock on the selected diagram.

Locking Model Elements

Show Diagram Versions

When a diagram is cloned, a custom reference is added to the diagram (in the t_xref table). This custom reference provides information on the clone, through the 'Show Diagram Version' dialog.

Select this option to display the 'Show Diagram Versions' dialog.

Clone Diagram as New Version

Copy / Paste

Select this option to access a menu of options for copying and moving the diagram to other areas of the model.

Diagram Copy/Paste Menu

Print Diagram(s)

Select this option to print the currently-selected diagram or diagrams (hold Ctrl or Shift while selecting).

The 'Print' dialog displays, on which you specify the print parameters.

By de-selecting the 'Printable' option on an element on a diagram, you can omit that element and its connectors from the printed diagram.

Shortcut: Ctrl+P

Non-printable Elements

Delete '<diagram name>'

Select this option to delete the selected diagram.

A prompt displays to confirm the deletion.


Select this option to display the Help topic for the Browser Window.