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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Tools Panel

The 'Tools' panel provides a suite of facilities for aligning, viewing or filtering the elements in a diagram. These are tools that assist in working with large or detailed diagrams. Filters and Layers can be used to separate out elements that aren't relevant in a certain context. The Pan and Zoom window helps you change a diagram's magnification, and to quickly traverse a large diagram. The Diagram Layout facility can automatically change and organize the layout of elements in a diagram.

Available Facilities



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Filters and Layers

Click on this icon to display the 'Filters & Layers' window, which you use to create and apply filters for selectively muting parts of the diagram that are not relevant to an aspect you are investigating.

Diagram Filters

Pan and Zoom

Click on this icon to display the Pan & Zoom window, which helps you to scan across large diagrams and 'dive into' areas of interest.

The Pan & Zoom Window Pan and Zoom a Diagram

Diagram Layout

Click on this icon to display a menu of options that you can use to select, configure and apply a wide range of diagram layouts to the current diagram. These options include:

  • Apply Default Layout - automatically apply the default standard Digraph layout to the current diagram
  • Open Diagram Layout Tools - display the 'Layout Tools' dialog, through which you can select, configure and apply one of the predefined diagram layouts to the current diagram
  • <diagram layouts> - the eleven predefined diagram layouts, each option automatically applies the current settings for that layout from the 'Layout Tools' dialog to the current diagram; note that the 'Digraph' option applies any settings you have adjusted, whereas the 'Apply Default Layout' option ignores such adjustments
Layout Diagrams