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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Version Control Panel

The 'Version Control' panel provides facilities for configuring and managing the Version Control facility in the tool. Version Control Configurations can be defined using the 'Project-VC' option and validated for all versioned Packages using the 'Check Configuration' option. There are options to work offline and also to compare the status recorded in the model against that reported by the Version Control provider.

Available Facilities



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Displays the 'Version Control Settings' dialog, in which you can define new Version Control Configurations, or re-specify the Working Copy Folder of an existing Version Control Configuration.

Version Control Settings


Configure a single Package for Version Control. Display the 'Package Control Options' dialog to specify the Version Control Configuration and the name of the file to use in controlling the selected Package.

Configure Controlled Package

Work Offline

Toggles Version Control in and out of 'Offline' mode. The 'Offline' mode allows modelers to work with Version Controlled Packages, even when there is no connection to the Version Control server. Packages can be 'checked-out' offline and modified, but can only be 'checked-in' once a connection to the Version Control server has been re-established.

Offline Version Control

Re-Synch Status

Query the Version Control server to retrieve the check-out status of the file associated with each of the Version Controlled Packages in the current project. Where it is necessary and appropriate to do so, the status of the Package is updated in the project database to match the status reported by the Version Control system. For example, if a Package is marked in the project database as checked-out to the current user, but the Version Control server reports the associated file as not checked-out, then the Package flags will be updated to show 'not checked-out'.

Resynchronize the Status of Version Controlled Packages

Check Configuration

This command scans all Version Controlled Packages within a project, checking the validity of the Version Control settings for each Package. The validation process scans the model database and verifies that the Version Control Configuration associated with each Version Controlled Package is fully specified in the current model. It also queries the corresponding Version Control provider to find the status of the Package file associated with each Version Controlled Package. The results of the validation process are sent to the System Output window.

Validate Package Configurations

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