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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Project Maintenance

Model maintenance.

The repository is an important data store that must be maintained to ensure that it is running efficiently and that the information it contains has integrity. Enterprise Architect has built-in features that allow you to keep the repository in good health. These include tools to maintain the database itself, such as Repair and Compact functions (for file based repositories), and a series of tools to manage the data and models, such as model validation and data integrity checks. Reference data can be imported and exported from the repository, and can be shared between repositories, ensuring consistency. The Browser window allows repositories to be refactored easily by dragging and dropping Packages, elements, features and diagrams to new locations. The Discussion and Library features allow the model to be critically analyzed and reviewed.




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Check the integrity of the data in a project

If you have a failed XMI import, network crash or other unforeseen event that could disrupt the integrity of information in the model, it is recommended that you run a Project Integrity Check.

Check Data Integrity

Reset Auto Increment Columns in Tables

XML Import and Export can affect the table auto increment column values and push them towards their maximum allowed value; you can re-sequence the columns to avoid this problem.

Reset Table Auto Increment or Identity Columns

Upgrade an old project to enable use of new features

The structure of Enterprise Architect project files is occasionally changed to support more features; when this happens, existing project files must be upgraded to the new format to ensure correct operation and to take advantage of all the new features.

Upgrade a Project

Rename a project

If you want to rename an Enterprise Architect file-based project, you can do so through Windows Explorer.

Rename a Project

Compact a project

As with many relational database products .EAP/.EAPX files do not physically release allocated space after data is deleted, therefore from time to time it can be beneficial to perform a 'compact', to reduce the physical size of the project file.

Compact a Project

Repair a project if it did not close properly

If a .EAP/.EAPX project has not been closed properly, such as during system or network outages, it is possible that the project will reports inconsistencies errors the next time it is opened.  To resolve such issues a 'Repair' can be performed to correct any potential problems.

Repair a Project


  • You can only rename, compact and repair models created as .EAP/.EAPX files with Enterprise Architect.  While most DBMS products provide similar functionality, they typically require an elevated level of permissions and therefore usually performed by your Database Administrator (DBA).