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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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The Enterprise Architect set of tools to deliver world-class modeling and design solutions to business, industry and companies around the world has been significantly expanded with the inclusion of Prolaborate in the Pro Cloud Server offering.

Whilst Enterprise Architect has become the pre-eminent modeling and design solution globally for modelers and designers wanting to visualize and understand complex systems, software and architecture, Prolaborate is the next step in delivering the richness of those models and designs to the broader and greatly expanded consumer community, enabling high-level executives, business process managers, process implementers, consultants, customers and other stakeholders to see their personal and curated view of the model in a way that they are personally comfortable with!

Prolaborate is a tailored set of views that reduce complexity, focus attention and increase the accessibility of model information for non-modelers and others who are more concerned with consuming the model than directly editing it (although this can occur). Prolaborate provides a social platform 'outside the model' that supports talking about the model from a different viewpoint to those actively engaged 'within the model'. Prolaborate also provides dashboards, impact analysis and other 'outside the model' features that derive information from the model or provide unique windows into the model for a custom audience, such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers and customers.


  • Takes the next step beyond modeling
  • A social and collaborative tool for everyone
  • Highly focused and customized model views
  • New ways of seeing and interacting with Enterprise Architect models
  • New tools for decision and impact analysis based on model content
  • A platform for 'out of model' reviews and discussions
  • For C-level executives looking for critical and strategic information
  • For model consumers reviewing or implementing process flows
  • For customers and other stakeholders who want to review and discuss the model
  • For developers and software teams
  • For those unfamiliar with modeling who want to understand and share their viewpoint
  • A rich and evocative environment tailored for individual domains
  • Reveals the hidden value in your Enterprise Architect models
  • Engages with a broader audience - presentation and discussion at the 'right level'

For further information

Full documentation on Prolaborate is provided on the website. You can access this documentation by clicking on this link (JavaScript must be enabled on your web browser).