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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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WebEA's layout

Having logged on to a model in WebEA, depending on how the model has been configured and the resolution of the Browser/Device, WebEA will typically display the model root node/s in either the Browser (on the left), or in the main content area.

Alternatively, if the WebEA model connection has been configured with a default diagram or the model is configured with User and Model Default Diagrams, then the diagram will be displayed.

From this point you can start navigating the model by selecting objects or links, review the organization and contents of the model elements, and read and add to discussions or reviews of particular structures.

Note: WebEA only supports single click when using a PC, or single touch when using a touch-enabled device.

This image shows the WebEA screen after loading the example model, when no default diagram has been configured.

The next image shows the WebEA screen after loading the example model, when a default diagram has been configured.

Note: In order to support small screen devices, some layout sections move or merge with others to minimize the amount of screen real estate needed. For example, the heading section merges with the Navigation bar when the screen height goes below 400 pixels.

Main Tabs / Options

WebEA's heading area displays the application logo in the top left corner, followed by tabs for each of WebEA's main views, 'Model', 'Collaboration' (if enabled), 'Search', and a 'More' dropdown menu. By default, the Model tab is selected.

For more information on each of these tabs/options refer to the links in the table below.

Tab / Option


See also


The Model tab is used for browsing and viewing your model content.

WebEA - Model View


The Collaborate tab provides access to collaboration features, such as Discussions, Journals, Chat and Model Mail.

WebEA - Collaborate


The Search tab provides access to WebEA's search and watchlist features.

WebEA - Search


The More button provides access to WebEA's main menu, This menu provides access to the relationship matrix view, as well as providing options for sharing links, accessing help, and logging out of WebEA.

WebEA's Main Menu

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