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Model Add-In Management

Model Add-Ins are managed according to the security groups they are assigned to. Each Add-In defaults to 'not loaded' by anyone until it is assigned to a particular security group and either enabled for all users of that group or made optional, which means that each member of the group will need to explicitly enable that Add-In.



Specialize > Add-Ins > Manage Addin

Available Add-Ins

The 'Manage Add-Ins' dialog lists the Add-Ins that are currently enabled for your model, and provides information on each one as explained in this table.



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For projects in which security is enabled, you can select the list of security groups that will be able to access each Add-In.

Only users with 'Configure Model Add-Ins' permission can change this column.


This column allows you to select the behavior of each Add-In for users within included security groups.

  • Disabled means that the Add-In can not be used by any users
  • Enabled means that the Add-In is loaded and run for all users in the selected security groups
  • Optional means that each user can choose to enable the Add-In themselves; by default any Add-Ins will be disabled until users enable them

Only users with 'Configure Model Add-Ins' permission can change this column.

Load on Startup

This column allows each user to specify that they want to use any optional Add-Ins that are available to their group.

If users are not part of a listed group, or the status is not optional, this has no effect.

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