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Start & Stop the Profiler

Profiling is a two stage process of data collection and reporting. In Enterprise Architect the data collection has the advantage of being a background task - so you are free to do other things while it runs. The information sent back to Enterprise Architect is stored until you generate a report. To view a report, the capture must be turned off. After the report is produced you can resume capture with the click of a button. If, for some reason, you decide to scrap your data and start again, you can do so easily and without having to stop and start the program again.



Execute > Tools > Profiler > Open Profiler


Execution Analyzer toolbar : Analyzer Windows | Profiler




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You can select different profliing modes using the toolbar

Strategy Selection

Select the Profiling strategy from the available options on the Toolbar.

Setting Options

Start the Profiler

Click the Run button on the Profiler window

Stop the Profiler

The process exits if:

  • You click on the Stop button
  • The target application terminates, or
  • You close the current model

If you stop the Profiler and the process is still running, you can quickly attach to it again.

Pause and Resume Capture

You can pause and resume capture at any time during a session.

When capture is turned on, samples are collected from the target. When paused, the Profiler enters and remains in a wait state until either capture is enabled, the Profiler is stopped or the application finishes.

Getting Started

Generate Reports

The Report button is disabled during capture but is available when capture is turned off.

Generate, Save and Load Profile Reports Function Line Reports

Mode drop-down

Click on the drop-down and select the mode of Profiling - Call Graph, Stack Profile, Memory Profile or Memory Leaks.

Call Graph Stack Profile Memory Profile Memory Leaks

Clear Data Collection

You can clear any data samples collected and resume at any time. First suspend capture by clicking on the Pause button. The Discard button, as for the Report button, is enabled whenever capture is turned off. In clicking on the Discard button you will be asked to confirm the operation. This action cannot be undone.