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Manage Libraries

You use the 'Manage Libraries' dialog to :

  • Enable or disable installed Learning Center Libraries
  • Install new Learning Center Libraries, and
  • Set the default Library topic, which will be displayed when the Learning Center View is opened



Start > Help > Libraries > Manage Library

Manage Libraries



See also

Available Libraries

Lists the installed and enabled Library files. Deselect the checkbox against any Library that you want to disable.

Show Disabled Libraries

Select this checkbox to show disabled Libraries in the 'Available Libraries' list. Select the checkbox against any library that you want to enable for access.

Default Library

(Optional) Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Library from which the default topic is to be selected. The default topic is automatically displayed when the Learning Center View is opened.

Only enabled Libraries will be listed in this field.

Default Topic

Click on the Browse. button to open the 'Select Default Topic : <default library name>' dialog to select a topic from the default Library to set as the default topic. The full, expanded hierarchy of topics in the default library displays. Scroll through the structure and select the checkbox against the topic to use as the default, then click on the OK button.

Install New Library

Click on this button to locate and select a new set of library files to install. A submenu displays; select:

  • From File System – to install a new Library from the file system: a browser displays, through which you locate and select the library folder


Click on this button to save and action the library you have defined in this dialog.


Click on this button to close this dialog without activating any changes to the library defined in the dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.


  • Disabled Libraries will not be visible in the 'breadcrumb' path at the top of the Learning Center View
  • Once a new Library is successfully installed and enabled, you can view it in the 'breadcrumb' path of the Learning Center window
  • If the Learning Center window is already open when you download a new Library or enable/disable a Library, close and then re-open the Learning Center window to make your changes visible in the 'breadcrumb' path

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