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Connect to a Different Element on a Diagram

When creating connectors in your diagrams, at some point you might connect the wrong pair of elements. Enterprise Architect provides a simple method to help you to move the end of a connector from one element to another; that is:

  • Change the source element of a connector from the current element to another, or
  • Change the target element of a connector from the current element to another

Change a connected element




In the diagram, click on the connector to select it.

The connector is highlighted with 'handles' at each connector end.


Move the cursor over the 'handle' at the end of the connector to reconnect.

The cursor changes to a small arrow pointing upwards to the right.


Click on and drag the connector end to the other element to connect to.

When you release the mouse button, the connector breaks from the original element and reconnects to the new element.


  • You can also tidy up a connection by dragging the end of the connector to a better position on the edge of the element, or move both ends at once by dragging the middle of the connector