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Version Activation

From release 14.0 onwards, Enterprise Architect requires that you 'activate' the software version you have installed by entering a simple four-letter code to confirm your right to use that specific version of Enterprise Architect. When you first run Enterprise Architect a Version Activation window will automatically display, prompting you to activate the software version you have installed.


  • 'Software Version' means an instance of the Enterprise Architect software, either identified by a distinct number (such as 14.1 or 15.0) or by its build date (such as March 2020)
  • 'Software Version' is independent of and unrelated to the Edition of Enterprise Architect (such as Corporate or Ultimate)
  • Version Activation does not involve or require a connection to the Internet
  • Registered users with an active support and maintenance agreement can obtain a new activation code by logging in to the 'Registered Users' page of the Sparx Systems web site
  • The Version Activation Code is prominently displayed on the 'Registered Users' page
  • The Version Activation Code is also delivered with your New License or Renewal Details email
  • You can also obtain a Version Activation Code by clicking the 'Get a Code' link on the Version Activation window and logging in using your registered user ID and password  
  • Your Version Activation Code will activate all versions of the software built and released prior to and during the period of your support and maintenance agreement (either from a Renewal or a New License)
  • New versions of the software released after the expiry of your support and maintenance agreement will require a new Activation Code; when you renew your support and maintenance agreement you will be entitled to download newer versions of Enterprise Architect and will be given a new Version Activation Code

How To Activate:

  • Enter your Activation Code in the appropriate field*
  • Tick the checkbox to acknowledge acceptance of terms of the licence agreement
  • Click on the OK button **

*   Please note that the code is not case sensitive.

** An internet connection is NOT required or used for activation