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Batch Import Controlled Packages

You can import a group of Controlled Packages from Native/XMI format into Enterprise Architect in one step.

As the system processes each Package, it updates the 'Status' column against each Package name on the 'Batch XMI Controlled Packages' dialog.

  • If the import is successful, Enterprise Architect updates the Package status to 'Imported'
  • If the import is unsuccessful, Enterprise Architect updates the Package status to 'Not Imported'

Common reasons for an import to fail include:

  • The Package not being correctly configured
  • The last import file date matches the import date of the file currently on disk



Publish > Model Exchange > Import Package > Batch Import Controlled Packages

Import a group of Controlled Packages



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Open the 'Batch XMI Controlled Packages' dialog using one of the access methods.


The 'Batch XMI Controlled Packages' dialog lists all of the Controlled Packages in the current Project.

Select the checkbox against each Package to include in the import.

Select the 'Select All' checkbox to select all Packages in the list.

Using Controlled Packages


To save this configuration as the default, click on the Save Settings button.


Click on the Run Import button.

Enterprise Architect cycles through each checked Package and imports it.

Configure Packages


  • To avoid re-importing the same module multiple times, select the Check file date before import checkbox; Enterprise Architect then does not import a file if the last import file date matches that of the one currently on disk